Lessons from my Grandmother

hallinsimg016This morning as I was going through an old box searching for something else entirely, I stumbled across some notes I had scribbled in preparation for remarks that I gave at my Grandma Ruth’s 95th birthday (she lived to be 103!).  This gift, stashed away in the most unexpected place, deep in my closet, is a lovely reminder that horses are not the only grand teachers I’ve had in my life:

“Through her loving example over 95 (so far) passionate years of life, Grandma Ruth has taught me…

that any meal shared in love is a feast;

that any house where family gathers is a home;

that any stranger is potentially a friend;

that chores tackled together take less time;

that no memory is ever worth forgetting;

that knowing and loving oneself makes it easier to know and love others;

that money is not necessary to have a rich life;

that it’s important to always say what’s on your mind;

that faith strengthens us, forgiveness heals us, and prayer sustains us;

that generosity is a state of mind;

that love is constant;

that family histories should never be forgotten;

that age is not an excuse;

that we should take great delight in small things;

that tradition binds people, and families, together;

that if you make a mess, you must clean it up;

that one person’s trinket is another person’s treasure;

that the holiest of all holidays are those spent together;

that any garden tended with love will flourish;

that an open mind and heart will be rewarded often;

that only out of a kind heart do acts of kindness emerge;

that gifts should be opened slowly and treasured;

that travel broadens the mind and strengthens the spirit;

that one can be heroic even amidst the details of everyday life;

that it’s possible to live as though every small thing is a miracle;

that in good health, there is much wealth;

and that there truly are angels among us.”

Gone from this earth, but not from our hearts!